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Nov 4, 2012 8:00am PST
we are following it is down to the wire for president obama and mitt romney. to convince the undecided voters. what each candidates are telling the voters this weekend. >> slow recovery along the east coast the uptake on relief efforts. >> good morning, i am marty gonzales isabel is off. good morning. it is going to be gorgeous bay-area wide. general. janu? >> good morning, marty. we could seek some portions of patchy fog but there will be plenty of sunshine. it is going to be a gorgeous beach day. and pretty clear. overnight we will start to see the fog gradually pushed through san francisco. as for temperatures. 50s through san francisco, 56 in san jose. 54 in oakland, concord and santa rosa. 54 in the livermore valley. with just 70's in antioch. and 71 degrees in half moon bay. low 80s for the south bay. more low 80s and even napa, santa rosa and 77 degrees for san rafael. your full forecast with changes. and let us go back over to marty. >> thousands of grocery store employees are on the picket lines after contract lines tobroke down. mike pelton is our sole reporter at t
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
romney. new mexico, neand pennsylvania are leaning towards president obama. check out how close the latest polling is for the swing states. ohio is one of the most important states. colorado obama--the same thing is and florida and in hampshire. the president has a 6 percent lead in iowa and romney is that 42 percent. the president leaves in the states but it is just in the march run of error. >> there reminder that kron 4 will have extended coverage on election night which is on tuesday. it will started a o'clock a.m. and you can stay updated on our facebook and twitter page as well as on >> the d.a. is and struck them prosecutors to issue of lesser charges where federal law dictates. under federal law immigrants who have not are obtained u.s. citizenship are deported automatically after a certain conviction. >> the first weekend in november and it started to feel just like fall. >> it will be a beautiful day and a beautiful weekend. we're still dealing with some fog cover. tomorrow it will be even warmer and it will be a warmer weather for your beginning we can carry it
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2